Hello Bar Popup Builder: Design Engaging Popups on WordPress


The all-in-one popup builder for WordPress. Design mobile-responsive popups that drive conversations and generate leads without any coding skills. 🚀

Convert 83% more site visitors into leads and customers using Hello Bar’s engaging and high-converting popups for your WordPress site.

Trusted by over 600k websites, Hello Bar is a leading popup builder that can help you generate more leads from your website.

Use this popup builder to create various types of popups—bars, modals, alerts, sliders, and page takeovers. With a one-click installation, Hello Bars does all the work for you, so you don’t need any technical expertise to create popups that drive results.

Here’s what Hello Bar can help you with:

Reduce cart abandonments by up to 63%

Increase email sign-ups by as much as 74%

Boost sales from targeted offers by up to 82%

Key Features

• 100+ Themes: Choose from a vast library of predesigned themes to create visually appealing popups that grab your site visitors’ attention.

• Design Assistant: Take advantage of the design assistant that automatically matches popup colors, fonts, and style with your site design.

• Visual Editor: Easily customize the popups and tailor them to your needs, with a drag-and-drop visual editor.

• Advanced Targeting: Show targeted popups to visitors based on their location, date or time of visit, or source from where they came to your website.

• A/B Testing: Test various popup elements to find a configuration that delivers the best results for your website, using the Hello Bar popup builder.

• Analytics and Reporting: Track performance analytics, including daily stats, for various popups and get detailed reports to help you identify areas of improvement.

• Trigger-Based Popups: Choose when you want to display a popup and whether you want it to be triggered based on a click, user event, exit intent, or time on site.

• Responsive Popup Design: Create responsive popups that automatically adjust to the screen size of the device people use to browse your website.

• GDPR Compliance: Ask for user consent while collecting email addresses via popups by enabling the GDPR feature from settings.

• Sticky Popups: Select the “Remains in place on scroll” option to ensure your popups are visible even if a user scrolls down the page, boosting chances of conversions.

• Social Media Integration: Boost traffic to your social media profiles by adding profile links in your Hello Bar popups.

• Email Integrations: Easily export all the emails you collect with the help of the Hello bar popup builder to all major email marketing platforms.


• Feature-Packed: The tool comes power-packed with features like advanced targeting that help you get the best results.

• Easy to Use: With a visual editor and predesigned themes, designing popups has never been easier than with Hello Bar.

• Versatile: Hello Bar helps you create various types of popups to meet different goals, from building an email list to re-engaging exit-intent site visitors.

• Affordable: Offers a free forever plan and even the paid plans are available at reasonable prices.

• High Conversions: This popup builder allows you to trigger popups at the right times, based on specific user actions, to get higher conversions than intrusive popups that disrupt user experience.

• Non-Intrusive Lead Generation: Hello Bar allows you to create signup forms that remain on a page without disrupting a user’s browsing experience, allowing you to capture leads organically, without being pushy.

• Scalability: Whether you’ve started a new website or have a large established one, Hello Bar is equipped with all the features needed to meet your lead-generation needs.

• No Coding Required: The Hello Bar popup builder is beginner-friendly and does not require any coding skills or technical expertise on the user’s part.

Types of Popups

Here are the various types of popups you can create using the Hello Bar popup builder.

• Bars: These are placed in the header or footer section of your website and remain visible even as a visitor scrolls down a page.

• Modals: These typically appear at the center of the screen at key moments, triggered by a user action, to capture your site visitors’ attention.

• Alerts: Notifications or alerts appear as floating messages to provide users with specific information, such as an alert for every time a purchase is made.

• Sliders: If you want to display multiple promotions and offers, then the slider format is perfect as it works like a carousel of multiple slides.

• Page Takeovers: A page takeover is a full-screen overlay that immediately commands user attention and shows important messages.

Who Can Use This Popup Builder?

This popup builder is useful for anyone with a WordPress website, looking for affordable and versatile solutions to build high-converting popups. Anyone looking for an easy way to generate leads can benefit from this popup builder.

Customer Testimonials

“We used Hello Bar to advertise LeadQuizzes on our website and increased lead capture by over 50% and made an additional $52,223 dollars!”

Jeremy Ellens. Co-founder, Conversion Expert

“Hello Bar helps me create engaging popups at a lightning-fast pace for many of my ventures with no coding skills required!”

Neil Patel. Digital Marketing & SEO Expert
Neil Patel Digital

“So flexible and functional we’ve made Hello Bar the core of our email-acquisition strategy.”

Matt Gross. Senior Director, Digital Initiatives
Archetype Media


  • The Hello Bar for WordPress interface. A dead simple place to put your HelloBar code.


Does this plugin make my website slow?

Absolutely not! The Hello Bar WordPress plugin installs seamlessly with the platform and does not affect your site speed in any way.

Where do I get the Hello Bar code for this plugin?

You can get your own Hello Bar account from HelloBar.com for free.
Once you have your account, create a bar or popup at HelloBar.com and then you’ll receive a small piece of code called a site snippet that you can copy and paste into this widget.

Do I need to know coding to create popups using Hello Bar?

No, you do not need any coding knowledge to use Hello Bar. In fact, it offers a no-code design and one-click installation to make your job easier. Creating popups is a breeze with Hello Bar.

What kind of WordPress popups can I design with Hello Bar?

You can design different types of popups with Hello Bar, including sliders, modals, alerts, bars, and page takeovers. These can be triggered based on different triggers, such as the exit intent of site visitors.

Have more questions?

Get all the answers you seek by visiting our support center.


21 ខែ​ឧសភា, 2024
Hello Bar is a versatile and user-friendly popup builder designed to enhance website engagement and conversions. It allows website owners to create customizable notification bars, pop-ups, and sliders that can be tailored to specific visitor behaviors. These elements can be used for various purposes such as capturing email leads, promoting special offers, or driving traffic to specific pages.One of the standout features of Hello Bar is its ease of use. The intuitive interface makes it accessible for users of all skill levels, and the variety of templates available ensures that even those with no design experience can create attractive and effective messages. Additionally, Hello Bar provides robust targeting options, allowing users to display messages based on visitor location, referral source, or behavior on the site, which can significantly improve the relevance and effectiveness of the messages.Another key advantage of Hello Bar is its integration capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing services, CRM systems, and other third-party tools, making it a valuable addition to any digital marketing stack. The analytics provided by Hello Bar are also comprehensive, offering insights into how different messages are performing and allowing for data-driven optimization.
20 ខែ​ឧសភា, 2024
Hello Bar has completely transformed how I interact with my website visitors and deserves its five-star rating. Hello Bar has become an indispensable tool in my digital arsenal, from its seamless integration to its powerful customization options.What I love most about Hello Bar is its versatility. Hello Bar is my ideal tool for running a promotion, announcing a new feature, or simply collecting email sign-ups. It has an intuitive interface and an extensive template library. Customizing messages that align with my brand’s aesthetic is a breeze, and the results speak for themselves.One area where Hello Bar excels is in its impressive targeting capabilities. It enables me to segment my audience based on behavior, demographics, and more.With Hello Bar, I can deliver highly relevant messages that resonate with each visitor. This level of personalization has led to a noticeable increase in engagement and conversions across the board.Hello Bar’s analytics dashboard also provides invaluable insights into campaign performance. It allows me to fine-tune my strategies to achieve better results.Hello Bar’s customer support team has provided prompt and valuable responses whenever I’ve had questions or needed assistance.In summary, Hello Bar is a powerful tool for website engagement and achieving significant outcomes. It’s intuitive, effective, and backed by outstanding support, making it a winning combination
20 ខែ​ឧសភា, 2024
Hello Bar has transformed how I engage with my website visitors, earning it a well-deserved five-star rating in my book.From its seamless integration to unparalleled versatility, Hello Bar has become an indispensable tool for driving engagement and conversions. One of the standout features of Hello Bar is its intuitive interface. It’s straightforward to create and customize eye-catching notifications. Hello Bar offers the flexibility to tailor messages to my specific goals with just a few clicks. It enables me to announce a new product, promote a limited-time offer, and encourage newsletter sign-ups. However, what truly sets Hello Bar apart is its advanced targeting capabilities. I can segment my audience based on behavior and location to deliver personalized messages that resonate with each visitor. These help drive higher engagement and conversion rates to my website. Hello Bar’s robust analytics dashboard also provides valuable insights into campaign performance. It allows me to track progress and make data-driven decisions. Whenever I’ve needed assistance, Hello Bar’s customer support team has been responsive, ensuring a seamless experience every step. Hello Bar is a must-have tool for any website looking to boost engagement and drive conversions. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, Hello Bar is your website’s ultimate
20 ខែ​ឧសភា, 2024
Hello Bar has become my go-to solution for enhancing website engagement, and it truly deserves a five-star rating. Thanks to its intuitive design and robust features, I’ve seen a remarkable uptick in user interaction and conversion rates since integrating it into my site.One of the aspects I appreciate most about Hello Bar is its simplicity. Setting up and customizing notifications can be done without technical expertise.Whether promoting a sale, sharing important updates, or capturing leads, Hello Bar provides the tools I need to create compelling messages that resonate with my audience.What sets Hello Bar apart is its ability to deliver targeted messages based on user behavior and preferences. By segmenting my audience and delivering personalized content, I’ve been able to increase engagement and drive conversions significantly.Additionally, Hello Bar’s analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into the performance of each notification, allowing me to track progress and make informed decisions to optimize my campaigns further.Hello Bar’s customer support team promptly responds and provides assistance, ensuring a smooth experience.
17 ខែ​ឧសភា, 2024
Integrating Hello Bar completely transformed my website. It improved engagement and conversion rates. Despite its simple design, this tool is effective in capturing visitors’ attention and guiding them to desired actions.From the moment I installed Hello Bar, I noticed a tangible increase in user interaction. Its sleek, customizable design seamlessly blends with my site’s aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive user experience.Hello Bar’s versatility allows me to experiment with various messaging strategies. It allows me to promote limited-time offers and newsletter sign-ups effortlessly.What truly sets Hello Bar apart is its intelligent targeting capabilities. By segmenting my audience based on behavior and demographics, I can deliver highly relevant messages that resonate with each visitor.This personalized approach has significantly boosted conversion rates and enhanced overall user satisfaction. Hello Bar’s analytics dashboard provides invaluable insights into campaign performance. I can refine my strategies for maximum impact.Hello Bar’s customer support team promptly responds and provides assistance. The support team is knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in helping me succeed.In conclusion, Hello Bar is a must-have tool for any website looking to drive engagement and achieve meaningful results. I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow digital marketers and website owners. Five stars, well deserved!
17 ខែ​ឧសភា, 2024
Hello Bar has revolutionized the way I connect with my website visitors. From the moment I integrated it into my site, I witnessed a remarkable surge in user engagement and interaction. Its sleek and compelling notifications effortlessly guide visitors toward desired actions. It encourages visitors to sign up for newsletters, explore new products, and take advantage of exclusive offers. What sets Hello Bar apart is its user-friendly interface and robust features. Thanks to its intuitive design and extensive customization options, setting up and customizing notifications is a breeze. With Hello Bar I can align my brand’s aesthetics and experiment with different messaging styles. It also has advanced targeting capabilities that have enhanced my marketing efforts. I can deliver personalized messages based on user behavior and demographics. With Hello Bar, I’ve been able to deliver more relevant content to my audience, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction. The analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into the performance of each notification. It allows me to optimize my campaigns for maximum impact. The support team has consistently provided prompt and expert assistance, ensuring a seamless experience Hello Bar is an essential tool for every website looking to boost engagement and increase conversions. It’s intuitive, effective, and backed by exceptional support, making it a winning choice that deserves a five-star rating!
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Contributors & Developers

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Hello bar Popup Builder 1.4

  • Capability test with wordpress version 6.5 ready for WP 6.5

Hello bar Popup Builder 1.3

  • Capability test with wordpress version 6.4.5 ready for WP 6.4.5

Hello bar Popup Builder 1.2

  • Capability test with wordpress version 6.4.3, ready for WP 6.4.3

Hello bar Popup Builder 1.1

  • Capability to target popups to post tags

Hello bar Popup Builder 1.0

  • Capability test with wordpress version 5.6, ready for WP 5.6

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.9

  • Hotfixes

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.8

  • Capability test with wordpress version 5.2, ready for WP 5.2

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.7

  • Capability test with wordpress version 5.0, ready for WP 5.0

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.6

  • API Code bug fixed (during saving API key)

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.5

  • fixed jetpack WordPress
  • now user only add api key instead of adding js script tag

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.4

  • Interface improvement.
  • Compatible to latest WP.
  • Bug fixed and improvement

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.3

  • Updated contributors list.
  • Bumped Tested up to version.

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.2

  • Updated which action we hook into when “header” deployment is chosen to fix dual deployment script bug.
  • Modified the way that options are called to accommodate better for future iterations of this plugin.

Hello bar Popup Builder 0.1

  • Initial beta test release.
  • Provides a simple interface for adding a Hello Bar snippet to your site.